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Thinking about taking the plunge into a cord cutting-free existence and grabbing a Dragon Box? “But if I don’t have Paid TV, how will I watch Doctor Who/How I Met Your Mother/Baseball/Golden Girls reruns?” The Dragon Box and a SideReel.com account is here to reassure you that it’ll all be OK — it’s even a freeing experience! Cutting the cord allows you to be your own programmer. You only have to pay for the stuff you actually want to watch (no subsidizing CNBC for you!), and you get to watch it on your terms and on your time. We can’t lie; it’s pretty awesome.


But let’s face it, there are a lot of different boxes and services out there, and choosing the best option(s) for you might seem overwhelming enough not to try. But hey, if you’re already a Netflix subscriber, you’re on your way already! With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide to maximizing your cord-cutting journey.


We at Dragon Box consider ourselves cord-cutting ninjas, and we’ve pooled our collective knowledge and understanding of the industry to take a hard look at everything that’s out there for those with TVs, those without, and yes, even those who just want to use all the benefits of their cable subscription.


Trying to decide between Apple TV and Roku? Wondering whether Hulu Plus or NHL GameCenter are worth the cost? Need some more of the bizarro programming that makes up Adult Swim? We’ve got you covered — and we’re committed to keeping you updated when new services come on the market or if existing products take a slide in quality.


So take a look, then take the leap and cord-cut your way to happiness!